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Important Information

Thank you for choosing ANA CARD HONG KONG. In order to begin enjoying the benefits of your ANA CARD HONG KONG, please read the following.

Before you begin using your card
Verify that the name on the card is correct.

In order to use your card, you must first activate it. Please activate your card in the following way.


Please access Dah Sing Bank website.
Select "Tools" --> "Credit Card Activation"
Please fill in following information.

step - Online

Over the phone

Please call our 24-Hour Phone Banking Service Hotline at 2828-8168.
Please press 2 to select English language and then press 1, 1, 2 accordingly.

step - Over the phone

Sign the signature panel on the back of your Card.
The credit limit of your card is shown on lower portion of the card carrier.
Principal and each Supplementary Cardholder (if applicable) should activate the card(s) separately.
Please read the enclosed "Cardholder Agreement" and place it in a secure place.

Personal Identification Number (PIN)
After successfully activate the card, PIN for ATM and phone banking will be mailed to your billing address respectively.
Customer Service
Dah Sing Bank Platinum Hotline is available for 24 hours.

2828-8138 (English available)

24 hours 7 days
ANA CARD HONG KONG Online Account Access
You can access your account on the Internet anytime from the following URL where you can check your current account status, recent transactions, statement and even making payments.
Payment method
PPS (Payment by Phone Service)

You can pay your credit card payment from other bank account through PPS by tone phone or via internet. You just need to open an account through the PPS terminal & call to register your Dah Sing Credit Card account number at 18011 or at From then on, you can settle your credit card payment by calling 18031 with tone phone or at anytime, anywhere.

PPS terminal is installed at OK Shop (convenience store). For details, please contact the PPS hotline at 2311 9876 or visit PPS Website.

*Payment made from Monday to Friday before 7:00p.m.(except Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays) will be settled on the same day.

ATM Credit Card Payment Service
Transfer fund from any JETCO member bank account to settle credit card payment

No Dah Sing Bank account is required. You can transfer fund through JETCO ATM to settle Dah Sing Credit Card payment by using ATM card of JETCO member bank. Simply insert your ATM card & key in your password. Select the box for "Credit Card Payment" (if you transfer fund from Dah Sing Bank account, please choose the "Transfer" box) and key in your credit card number & payment amount according to the instructions shown on screen.

*Please make your payment at least 2 working days before the payment due date.


To apply for the autopay service, just fill in the "Dah Sing Credit Card Autopay - Direct Debit Authorization Form" & send to your designated bank. Form is available to download. Thereafter, we will settle your credit card statement balance or minimum payment amount by transferring fund from your designated account.

*Payment will be automatically transferred from your designated account to settle payment on the due date.

Easy Cash Deposit

You can also make use of the Easy Cash Deposit Service# at Dah Sing Bank branches to make the credit card payment. Simply key-in your credit card number & deposit a whole pile of cash note into the Cash Deposit Machine. You have no need to insert each cash note separately.

#Easy Cash Deposit Machine is installed only at selected Dah Sing Bank branches:
Causeway Bay Branch
Central Branch
Gloucester Road Branch
Jordan Branch
Kwai Fong Branch
Mongkok Branch etc

*Payment will be settled on the same day.

Payment by Cheque

Place a crossed cheque together with the payment coupon of your monthly statement into the "Easy Cheque Deposit Box" or mail to Dah Sing Credit Card Centre, P.O. Box 20255, Johnston Road Post Office, Hong Kong. The cheque should be made payable to "Dah Sing Bank, Limited" and your credit card number should be written down at the back.

*Cheque payment via "Easy Cheque Deposit Box" will be settled on the next working day.
*Cheque payment via mailing must be mailed out at least 5 working days before payment due date.
*Post-dated cheque is not accepted

Notes: From May 1, 2007 onwards, a HK$30 handling fee would be required for every over-the-counter credit card payment at Dah Sing Bank. The fee will be shown in the monthly statement. Please use the above free & convenient methods to settle your credit card payment.

Schedule of mileage accumulation
Mileage will be reflected at the end of the following month from the closing date on the statement. Shopping miles will be reflected on the principal cardholder's ANA Mileage Club account. For example, if the closing date is March 3rd, the shopping miles will be reflected on the account at the end of April.
Annual fee
After the first year annual fee waiver, cardholder is required to pay the annual fee of the coming year. Annual fee of HK$1,200 for each Principal Card and HK$600 for each Supplementary Card will be charged. If the Cardholder accumulated retail spending of HK$50,000 in the past 12 months from the month required to pay annual fee, the Principal and Supplementary card annual fee will be waived.

*Accumulated spending includes retail transactions only. And excluding the following transactions, including but not limited to Octopus AAVS amount, cash advance, autopay, "Happy Installment" installment amount, Cash-in Plan amount, Branch Cash-in, balance transfer amount, Stocks Investment Savings Plan, "Payeasy" bill payment amount, "Jet Payment" payment amount, tax payment, interest-free monthly installment amount, cheque payment (if applicable), bank handling fee (including but not limited to annual fee, financial charge, late fee and cash advance handling fee etc), casino transactions, unposted / cancelled / refunded and all unauthorized transactions. The retail spending of Supplementary Cardholder will be combined with the Principal Cardholder.