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Frequently asked questions before applying for ANA CARD HK
Frequently asked questions from card holders
If your card is lost or stolen
Online account
Bonus Mile and Retail Transaction Mile

Q1.How I can apply for ANA CARD HONG KONG?

Q2. How long does it take to receive this card after I apply?

Q3. How can I earn mileage by using this card?

Q4. Which bank issues the ANA CARD HONG KONG?

Q5. Even if I am a housewife or retired, can I still apply for this card?

Q6. How much is the annual fee?

Q1. Can I use my credit card immediately after receipt?

Q2. Can I get replacement card because my card has damages or magnetic error?

Q3. After canceling the card, is the annual fee refundable on a pro-rated basis for the remaining months?

Q4. How can I use the cash advance service?

Q5. How much is the financial charge and interest rate for the cash advance services?

Q6. How can I increase my credit limit?

Q7. How do I apply for auto payment?

Q8. If I see an item on my statement that I do not remember purchasing, what should I do?

Q1. If the card is lost or stolen, what should I do?

Q1. How do I use my online account (e-Banking)?

Q2. What kind of services is available with online account?

Q3. What I should do if I lost my password for online account?

Q1. I heard that I can earn 5,000 bonus miles for a limited time. How does this work?

Q2. Any limit to how much mileage one can accumulate?

Q3. When will it reflect on the mileage account?

Q4. How my supplementary card's mile will be accumulated?

Q5. How I can redeem awards?

Q6. Can I combine my mile and families'one to redeem awards?